How to Get US Citizenship: Steps to Become a Naturalized US Citizen

A lot of people have a dream to get US citizenship, in this post let us check the list of steps to become a naturalized citizen of the USA. Other than the regular ways through marriage, sibling sponsorship, military service and from parents, getting citizenship through naturalization is a frequently asked question in our site. So firstly we are about to check for the naturalization process.

Get a Green Card

To become a US citizen, the very first step is to get a green card. Apply and become a  permanent legal US resident.

  • A green card can be sponsored by your spouse, for your parents and kids under 21.
  • Get a green card with the job offer you have got with permanent employment

Residence Proof:  How long should I Be in the USA before applying the Naturalization process

  • After the green card, you should prove your existence at least for five consecutive years in the US.
  • Consider you want to apply for naturalization process by 2020, you must have been admitted inside the US legally before 2015.
  • And secondly, in these five years, you should have been physically present in the USA for at least 30+ months.
  • Next to that, before applying for the process in any state inside the USA, you must prove that you have lived there for at least 3 months.

Basic Requirements: What is the checklist of personal requirements to be met before the process

  • Next, to the resident proof, you must be fluent enough in English to read, write and speak. You will be subject to an exam to prove your proficiency.
  • And yes, at the time you must be at least 18years old
  • There is no criminal record on your name, and proof that you are a person with moral qualities, who obey the law and pay their taxes.

Form N-400 Application Process and Biometrics

Once the above conditions are met you can apply for the naturalization process. you can check the below site to double verify and confirm that you have met the requirements and to download the form.

Read the form and pdf to apply along with the required documents copy (eg: your permanent resident card copy).

Once you apply with the N-400 form and documents you will get a notice and you can also check your current status online or call the helpline for your filling related queries 1-800-375-5283

You may be charged $640 as the filing fee and if applicable and you are on an appointment for your biometric scan, arrive on the informed scheduled time and it may carry a fee around $85 (Total $725 if biometric applicable).

Also, check this link on what to expect and things you should carry with you for application

Prepare for Tests and attend the Interview

You can check these links to find a class near and practice online to appear for the English tests.

Regular information sessions for public by USCIS

To practice for your civic tests

  • There are language exceptions for few who are living for a long time as a permanent resident and age constraint which may give them an excuse to prefer the language of their choice to appear for the civic test.
  • Once you receive the schedule notice for your interview, appear on that date for your time with the notice.
  • The USCIS officer may ask you 10 questions, out of which you have give a perfect answer at least for 6.
  • Check the above links again and give a full read and don’t forget any documents to carry with you.
  • If requested give additional information and they will inform you the results

Take Oath at Naturalization Ceremony

Once your application is approved, you will get a notice to appear for the naturalization ceremony.

  • Arrive the place with the notice, USCIS officer will verify your form N445 response and you can check in
  • The naturalization process is not complete until you take the Oath
  • Take Oath of Allegiance
  • And you will receive your naturalization certificate
  • Celebrate your citizenship, Feel your rights and responsibilities.

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